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Bedroom on a Budget

We thought we'd share some selections for a bedroom that are tried and true, for a great price! We have used most of these products, including the rug, comforters, headboard, pillows, curtains, artwork, and more. They are all beautiful and are neutral enough to work in any space.

You'll notice that we don't usually select furniture that comes in a set. For example, the nightstands and the dresser are not from the same line of furniture, but they do coordinate and look good together. This creates visual interest and makes a bedroom have a designer look. The touch of gold in the bench gives a pop of color and the metal legs give some variation in material.

We love curating looks for bedrooms. There are many more variations of this look that will be great, so feel free to buy just one or two of these pieces and have fun with mixing and matching! We'd love to help you with your next home project if you would rather have a professional to work with.

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