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Offices are becoming such a huge part of the interior design industry. As more and more people go from traveling long distances to their jobs to working from home, we are often asked for help with furnishing and decorating home offices. Our clients see so much value in loving how their space looks and feels, as they spend hours each day working there.

You'll notice that this office design has a beautiful console table with art and decorative pieces that serves as a focal point. Our client requested that she have something beautiful behind her so that she looks professional and put together on her online meetings. We never turn down an opportunity to select and furnish a statement piece of furniture!

If you are looking to have your home office designed, we would love to help you! We can help you with full service interior design if you live in the Northwest Indiana region. However, if you do not live in that area, we offer virtual interior design services in which we design your room using design boards, 3D renderings, online meetings, and more. Head over to the Virtual Design tab on our website for more information.

Here are some practical items we have in our office at Salted Hue! We love our desktops and our laptops, as we use them for most of the design process. These items are linked on our Like To Know account, so you can order them from the comfort of your own home. They are tried and true! We put our office essentials to good use.



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